Sixth Grade Language Arts







Essay writing: How to make your points count and captivate your audience.

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Grade 6 Language Arts

Grade 6 Language Arts

Mr. Daniel J. Talevich


Welcome to Language Arts! This course incorporates reading and writing as collaborative strategies to build the foundation for students to become independent readers, writers and thinkers. We will use the Six Traits of Writing to continuously improve our writing through a variety of genres. We will read a colorful selection of short stories and novels that will challenge students to comprehend and analyze the text at higher levels.  Along the way, we will connect the themes and ideas we read to the concept of growing up and overcoming adversity.



All vital information for the class, including weekly homework assignments, upcoming events, and approaching deadlines will be posted on my website. Please refer to my class webpage for information, and if there are still questions, feel free to contact me at



Elements of Literature Introductory Course

Walk Two Moons by  Sharon Creech

The Wanderer by Sharon Creech


Students will read a wide variety of stories and poems from the Elements of Literature Introductory Course. This year, the Elements of Literature textbook will be used solely in the classroom and students will not have to carry it with them.


Wordly Wise Online

This year, we will lose the workbooks and complete all Wordly Wise activities and assessments via the online program. There will still be almost daily homework assignments that students will complete online which will count towards their Self-Directed Learner grade. Every two weeks, students will take an online assessment for the lesson they just completed. Students must have completed all the activities from the lesson in order to gain permission to take the test in class. Students will receive training and log-in information to start the Online Wordly Wise Program beginning September 18.


Daily Journals

Students will begin most classes writing in their journals. This will provide an opportunity to practice new writing skills, reflect upon new concepts, and make personal connections. The goal is for these journals to demonstrate a steady growth in writing throughout the year.


AR Policy

Based on their STAR assessment results from the beginning of the year, students will be assigned a certain number of points they need to receive by taking AR tests each trimester. I will help students select books that are at their appropriate levels. Every two weeks, there will be a designated time for students to complete AR tests on the iPads or laptops. They can also take the tests during free time when they are given permission.


Bridging the Gap- Grammar

This year, we have added an additional course for all students to focus exclusively on grammar and writing skills. In this Language Arts course, we will weave the concepts covered in the grammar class into our daily writing.


Standards-Based Grading


Students will be assessed based on their performance on the following standards: Reading of Literature, Reading of Informational Texts, Written Expression, Speaking and Listening, and Written Language.


These standards will be assessed through daily journals, essays, projects, tests and quizzes, and presentations. Sometimes, one assignment will include multiple standards, and Powerschool will reflect this.


Here is an explanation of the 4 point scale. Remember that these numbers are not connected to letter grades. For example, a “4” is not an A.


4: Student demonstrates mastery of the standard at a high school level, incorporating unique and extraordinary skills

3: Student demonstrates a complete and consistent understanding of the standard

2: Student partially demonstrates mastery of the standard, but still lacks certain necessary skills

1: Student attempts to master the standard, but lacks many of the necessary skills



Be Safe

Be Respectful (to yourself, your classmates, the teacher)

Be Part of the Team (Participate, work well with others)

Be All In (100% Effort, 100% Positive Attitude)

Positive Consequences

If students are doing an outstanding job of demonstrating the 4 Be’s, the following will happen:

  • Happy Parent Emails: Mr. T loves to email parents about the outstanding work their children are doing in his class. Who knows, it could earn you a reward or treat at home.
  • T-Bucks: Mr. Talevich will give out T-Bucks, which can be redeemed for healthy snacks, free time, and other fun prizes.
  • Big Check: If all students are able to follow the opening routine correctly and have completed their homework assignment, students will earn a check. Once they have earned enough, there will be a celebration.


Negative Consequences

If students fail to follow the 4 Be’s, the following consequences will be enforced:

  • Level One: Verbal warning
  • Level Two: Temporary removal from class, teacher conference
  • Level Three: Parent contact
  • Level Four: Conference with administrator


About the Teacher

Mr. Talevich grew up in beautiful North Bend, Washington. He graduated from Gonzaga University and went on to get his Master’s in Special Education at the University of Hawaii. He taught at a middle school on the island of Oahu for six years and got to experience everything the island had to offer. This will be Mr. T’s third year at Saint Madeleine Sophie.


For fun, Mr. T enjoys writing and outdoor adventures, especially hiking, running, biking, swimming, skiing, and playing sports. He’s an avid sports fan, and his favorite teams are the Seahawks, Mariners, and Gonzaga basketball.


Contacting Mr. T

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns! If needed, we can always set up a conference before or after school. Also, be sure to frequently check the websites for updates on course material and of course homework assignments.