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Summer Reading Project: Due September 28. 

Welcome to the new school year! I hope you had an amazing summer and enjoyed some great books along the way. This project will be based on one of the books you read this summer, either your fiction or nonfiction book. If you are able to incorporate both books into your project, this would be an added bonus.

Task: Create something that accurately demonstrates the characters, events, key themes and ideas, and setting of your book. You may choose any one of the choices below for your project:

  1. Prepare a one-page newspaper based on your book. Include stories or pictures about character, plot, setting, and conflict. It can be handwritten or on Google Docs.
  2. Make a colorful, artistic poster to advertise this book. Include important information about the characters, plot, setting, and conflict. Make it so appealing that anyone would want to read this book.
  3. Create a GIANT bookmark based on your book. Include important information about the characters, plot, setting, and conflict. Make it creative and entertaining.
  4. Design a mobile depicting scenes about the story. Using hanging strings, include important scenes or events from the story as well as important information about the plot, characters, setting, and conflict.
  5. Create a timeline poster of the events in the book you read. Decorate it with illustrations, facts, graphics, etc.
  6. Create at least six trading cards that profile key characters or people in the book you read. Include at least seven stats or facts for each. You can model your trading cards after your favorite type of trading card if you’d like.
  7. Record a podcast of at least 10 minutes that discusses the book you read. Include at least four important discussion questions to focus your podcast. These questions should involve the main conflicts, characters, and events of the book you read.

Be creative and have fun! This project will count towards your Self-Directed Learner score and will be due September 28. 


Students are to select TWO books to read over the summer. One book will be used for the first project we complete in Language Arts for the 2017-2018 school year. The second may count towards A.R. points in the fall (the AR test can be taken when we return to school and will count towards the Trimester 1 AR Goal).

Choose two books:

  1. Historical biography or other nonfiction book
  2. A Fiction Novel

Bonus: For your Fiction Novel, choose a Historical Fiction story. Both you choose- the nonfiction and historical fiction- could deal with the same topic.

To find a historical fiction novel that qualifies as an AR book, please visit the following website:


Using the advanced search, select Historical Fiction under the genre menu in Additional Criteria.

For help finding a good non-fiction or biography, try this site:


Also, the King County Library System’s website (klcs.org) is a great resource for finding great summer reads.

Finally, the back of this sheet has some good ideas as well.

Please try to find an AR book is level 4 or higher. Have a great summer, and enjoy reading!


2017-2018 School Year

Welcome Back!

The 2017-2018 School Year promises to be a great one! Please use this website for information on homework, contact information, upcoming events, important news, and other content. Let’s be legends!

-Mr. T